The journey can be challenging. Pain is inherent with life; suffering is optional. Choose to suffer less. Patterns of thinking, behaving, and being help one navigate through life. Sometimes those patterns become limited or obsolete and create barriers to one’s optimal self. Sometimes life is overwhelming – relationships stagger, anger/confusion/people-pleasing/worry (insert your concern) interferes.

As a psychologist, I support the nourishment of mental health and well-being where ever you may be on your life’s journey. I believe in transformation, healing, and ongoing development to discover latent potential and resources. My approach for supporting transformation is rooted in a collaborative and trusting therapy relationship.  I am interactive, curious, honest, and compassionate. Extensive knowledge of complex stress, trauma, and attachment disruptions informs the work I do with clients and facilitates repair from a myriad of interfering symptoms as well as for posttraumatic growth. I offer a variety of interventions including psychoeducation, coping strategies, interpersonal communication skills, positive parenting techniques, and bibliotherapy. Therapeutic strategies such as these lead to improved functioning personally and within the family.  Hope for successful repair and healing fuels my passion and commitment to clients. Life is meant to be lived to the fullest. Empowering clients on their journey to living their life fosters in me great joy and humility.