Business Consulting and Coaching

Prior to becoming a licensed clinical psychologist, I worked in the business sector for 3 decades providing people strategies and solutions to support businesses both as an internal and external consultant. Coupling my prior work history along with my credentials, I continue to support business leaders. As a psychologist trained to administer assessments, I often administer and interpret the WorkPlace Big Five™ assessment family and corresponding reports which are beneficial for my private practice clients and business leaders.

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ is a normative behavioral assessment that measures an individual’s behavioral tendencies in the work setting. Key features of this assessment include the following:

  • Based on the Five-Factor Model-the most respected personality model in the psychology community
  • Grounded in behavioral science and empirical personality research
  • Workplace-relevant language in both the assessment and the reports
  • Philosophical approach that honors human complexity, the nuance of personality, and the contexts shaping behavior and performance
  • Nonjudgmental, bias-free construct and language
  • Designed to augment workplace people solutions for selection, leadership development, succession planning, team effectiveness. communication, engagement, role assignment, and self-awareness

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Reports Available

WorkPlace Trait Capacitor / WorkPlace Competency Report: This WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Report is an unique, hallmark Paradigm report based on an individual’s 5 Supertraits and 23 Subtraits scores. It shows natural trait capacity toward select competencies with detailed analysis and prescriptive text to enhance development, job alignment, and selection.

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Leader Report is an an interpretative analysis that is based on the individual’s 5 Supertraits and 23 Subtraits scores. It is useful lens for executive coaches and leadership development professionals to understand and guide the leader on their individual’s leadership footprint under popular models.

WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Teamer is an interpretative analysis that is based on the 5 Supertraits and 23 Subtraits scores of each individual in the team. It is used by teambuilding professionals and managers to get a comprehensive view of the team’s communication and conflict dynamics, strength gaps for future hiring, unique individual contributions, potential blind spots and opportunities to develop effective, engaged and cohesive teams.

The WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ Group Insights report is an interactive dashboard that provides a graphical narrative of team member scores on the 5 supertraits and 23 subtraits. The interactive custom setup enables practitioners to zoom in and out on the information that matters the most for group understanding larger teams, sub-groups, and their leaders. Team development professionals and managers can leverage behavioral-based insights to course-correct underperforming and under-communicating teams and support shared direction, connection, communication, peak collaboration, performance, and respect and appreciation for differences.

The Remote/Hybrid Work is a supplemental section that can be added to the core Group Insights report. The world of work has experienced a significant shift with the widespread adoption of remote and hybrid work environments. As teams adapt to this relatively new paradigm, understanding and optimizing team behaviors have become critical for success. This report analyzes the dynamics of team behaviors through the lens of the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ and within the context of remote and hybrid work settings. Paradigm focuses on these five key competencies to maximize the impact of this report: Aligning, Relating, Learning, Creating, and Completing.

The Five Dysfunctions is a supplemental section that can be added to the core Group Insights report. The model is a popular and impactful framework for understanding the behavioral elements that contribute to five team dysfunctions: Absence of Trust, Fear of Conflict, Lack of Commitment, Avoidance of Accountability, and Inattention to Results. Because this model is behavior-based, the WorkPlace Big Five Profile™ is an agile diagnostic to help teams understand their risk profile, opportunities, and paths toward optimum team health.

Values 3.0 Assessment & Report

WorkPlace Values Profile™ is is based on the individual’s responses to 89 questions and takes 10-20 minutes to complete. The assessment generates a normative report that describes the quadrant values framework and provides an analysis of an individual’s personal values scores, the relative importance of their values, and the degree to which they express aspects of each value. Organizations use it for selection and development. Clients find the report helpful to assist them in honing their values and aligning their decisions and behaviors.

Fees for assessments, interpretation, facilitation of group workshops vary with scope. Please contact me for more information: